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PF Transfer form 13 Online – How To epf balance transfer from previous employer

EPFO Home has made provisions on its online portal to enable one member's id to transfer their old EPF accounts(Member id) to a few simple steps. pf transfer from one state to another Essay to Using PF Transfer Form transfer process method takes very little time compared to the previous pf transfer form 13  to fill pf transfer form pdf offline method. The Member can get his provident fund (PF)transferred from the comforts of his home or office as all his documents would be uploaded on the portal very easy and would be verified by the employer on the portal itself using online transfer claim portal for employees.

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Online transfer of EPF Balance

Whenever Online transfer of EPF Balance moves from one company to another company, you need to pf transfer essay your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Portal Online. We Can also the introduction of How to Active Unified Account Number (UAN) for EPFO subscribers this process has become simpler as the account number remains unchanged but Member id Change by Changing your Company or Organization. how to initiate the EPF transfer process online.

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What is the use of pf the transfer form 13 pdf?

Whenever an online transfer claim portal for employees Than It is important to check whether you are eligible to make an online transfer claim epf website. In this type case, a physical form 13 (pf transfer form 13 pdf) must also be submitted on your old company, Organization or Establishment. employees can be sending pf transfer form 13 via courier services or post office rpad.

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Which of Documents to requirement after Transferring PF Balance Online?

  1. pf transfer form 13 online
  2. Valid Photo ID Proof such as PAN, Aadhaar card or driving license.
  3. Information such as personal details, UAN, current employer details – establishment number, account number, bank account details of the salary account, old and current PF account, have to be provided.

Note: After epf transfer from one member to another member id online.employees can be sending Above Document via courier services or  post office rpad

Why we can Transfer pf transfer online?
Whenever we can change in a job gives the best opportunity to the employee to withdraw the amount from the old Provident Fund (pf balance)account and open a new one new establishment or company or organization. Govt of India's income tax scenario India, it is wiser to pf transfer the amount from the old fund(old Member id) to the new fund account(New Member id).

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Pf Tranfer's big advantage of transferring the old account in a new organization is that the EPFO Home provides interest on the amount lying in the provident fund. other advantage is that partial withdrawal is allowed for new appointed company pf balance.

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How to transfer your PF Balance online: Here's a step-by-step guide EPFO Home

Now we can discuss EPF transfer can be made online and the above criteria need to be fulfilled.  Here's a step-by-step guide EPFO Home

Step 1: Login to EPFO Home Offical Website  and Enter Your UAN number and Password

pf transfer from one company to another
pf transfer from one company to another

Step 2: After Member login in EPFO Home, click on ‘One Member – One EPF Account (PF Transfer Request)’ under Online Services Menu

pf transfer from one company to another
pf transfer from one company to another
Step 3: PF account details of previous employment Member id would appear on clicking on ‘Get details’ below.

pf transfer from one company to another
pf transfer from one company to another
Step 4:
You have the option of choosing either your previous employer Member id or current employer Member Id for attesting the claim form based on the availability of epfo authorized signatory holding DSC. Select either of the employers and provide member id/EPFO UAN:
pf transfer from one company to another
pf transfer from one company to another

Step 5:
In the next step, click on ‘Get OTP’ to receive OTP to UAN registered mobile number and enter the Mobile OTP and click on submit.

The employer will digitally approve your EPF online transfer request by accessing the employer interface of the UAN Portal. after Fill up pf transfer Form 13 with details including PF number from both previous and current employer and download the transfer claim (pdf format). pf balance transfer online process Submit the physical signed copy(Hard copy) of the online PF transfer claim form to the selected employer within a period of 10 days sending via post office or courier services.

FQS For PF Transfer  Question and Ans

Que 1 how to get epf user id(Member ids)
 Ans: Yes, You Can get your Previous or Current Member id in your epfo portal.
Que 2 no previous employment found against this uan
Ans: if no Previous employment found against this uan then contact to your old company or organization
Que3 old pf number to new pf number
Ans: Generally pf number means UAN Number is Same but your Member id is different because of whenever change your company then UAN Number same but Member id different 

This article is pf transfer form 13 how to fill online is explain to you. if any query related this article then comment me. epfo home can solution as soon as.

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