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pf office Rajkot address / Maps / Mobile number / Whatsapp

A working person is always cautious about his EPF ie Employees Provident Fund. Employee Provident Fund or Employee Provident Fund is essentially applicable in every company. EPF is a scheme that not only gives you a lump sum amount but also provides pension benefits when you retire. Currently, more than 4 crore EPF account holders are in the country. Whose account is monitored by EPFO? Here we will try to give you complete information about EPF, which is commonly called PF and will also tell you how much EPF amount is contributed. for your help pf office, Rajkot customer care and pf office Rajkot is open time 10:30 am.

  • Address: Natraj Nagar, Rajkot, Gujarat 360005
  • Phone Number: 01281-2576399
  • Whatsapp Number: 0281-2576499
  • Opening And Closing Time: 10:30am–1:00pm And 2:00 pm–4:30pm
  • pf agent in Rajkot: 7383435225

What is EPF? 

EPF is an investment scheme that is mandatory for every employed employee. The Employees Provident Fund Organization maintains the contributions of all EPF account holders. EPF is mandatory for all government and non-government employees. According to the rules, registration of a company in which more than 20 employees are employed is mandatory in the Employees Provident Fund Organization. Whatever contribution is deducted on EPF is for the employee only and only the employee has the right. pf office Rajkot mobile number is 0281-2576499.

pf office rajkot address
pf office Rajkot address / Maps / Mobile number / Whatsapp

Rajkot pf office WhatsApp number is 0281 2576399

How much EPF, information about EPF contribution There are also rules regarding EPF contribution. An amount of 12 percent is deducted from the salary of any employee, and that is the same, 12 percent is contributed by the company. Now, out of which 12 percent of the amount deducted from your salary goes to the EPF account, out of the 12 percent amount deducted from the company, 3.67 percent goes to the EPF account and the remaining 8.33 percent amount is EPS. Employee pension goes into the scheme. So in total, you get a contribution of 24 percent, out of which a large part goes to EPPF and the rest remains in the form of a pension. You can withdraw the pension amount after the age of 58 or you can get it as a monthly pension.

Difference between EPF and EPS Here we need to understand the difference between EPF and EPS. EPF is the part of your share donation that you can withdraw completely either during the job or after the job. While the EPS amount is the pension of the employee. If the employee has completed 10 years of his job, he can withdraw the amount of his EPF but cannot withdraw the pension amount. The pension amount is received only after the age of 58 years. It is available to the retiring person as a monthly pension.epf rajkot claim status

When can you withdraw money from PF? If you want to withdraw money from your PF, then for that you have to follow certain conditions. Here we are telling you about the necessary conditions for extracting PF. 
  • If you have quit your job and have been unemployed for 2 months, you can withdraw PF money.
  • If you want to withdraw PF money during your job, then it is possible only when you have completed 5 years of your job.
  • In this also, you can only withdraw a maximum of 90 percent of the amount of PF.
  • You have to give the reason for withdrawing PF money during the job.
  • During the job, you can withdraw PF money for buying a house and a wedding.


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