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EPFO WhatsApp number Gujarat | epf complaint number

epf Whatsapp complains number: A new WhatsApp helpline service has been launched for the subscribers of the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) For Not Only Gujarat State But This Whatsapp Services Start All over India. The grievances of the members will be resolved immediately through this service. The Ministry of Labor has shared this information. According to the ministry, the resolution of complaints through this service of EPFO will be different from other platforms.

EPFO WhatsApp number Gujarat

Other platforms prior to EPFO's WhatsApp service include EPFIGMS portal (EPFO's online complaint resolution portal), CPGRAMS, social media platform (Facebook and Twitter), and 24-hour call center. Trouble getting money out of PF? Then epf complain about this number from whatsapp

EPFO WhatsApp Helpline Number For Gujarat

  1. Ahmedabad  WhatsApp number  7383146934
  2. Bharuch WhatsApp number 02642—266702
  3. Naroda WhatsApp number 9428694145
  4. Rajkot WhatsApp number 0281-2576399
  5. Surat WhatsApp number 9484530500
  6. Vadodara WhatsApp number 2652606247
  7. Vapi WhatsApp number 9499703166
  8. Vatva WhatsApp number 8733063428 

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EPFO whatsapp number, all work will be done at home, please do not leave home

The EPFO ​​has also become cautious about the coronavirus. The Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has appealed to the people to refrain from going to the EPFO ​​office and submit their questions or complaints digitally. The organization has taken this step in view of the increasing impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the country. According to the information received, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner Alok Yadav of EPFO ​​Central Delhi has issued a statement.

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EPFO brought a WhatsApp number. In this statement, Yadav has told people that people can inquire about Provident Fund on telephone number 011-27371136. Apart from this, one can email to get the grievances resolved. EPFO has also provided a WhatsApp number 8595520478. So that employees can get help.

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A UAN is a 12-digit universal account number that is given to every PF account holder after taking his or her first job. The UAN is linked to the employee's PF number, the employee opens his new PF account whenever he changes the job. All these PF accounts are linked to the UAN number itself. A UAN can basically be defined as a number that is associated with multiple PF account IDs of a person. It works safely for multiple PF IDs given to individuals by various organizations.

Convenience will be available without any difficulty

According to the ministry, EPFO ​​has started a WhatsApp-based helpline-cum-grievance redressal system to make the lives of its members more accessible. The move, taken under a series of uninterrupted initiatives, is aimed at ensuring the delivery of services to stakeholders without any hurdles during the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Talk directly to EPFO

PF shareholders can interact directly with the regional offices of the EPFO ​​at the individual level. Now WhatsApp helpline services have been started in all 138 regional offices of EPFO. Any related party where they have a PF account can register any type of complaint related to EPFO ​​services through a WhatsApp message on the helpline number of the concerned Regional Office.

Numbers will be found on the website

The WhatsApp helpline numbers of all the regional offices are available on the official website of EPFO. The purpose of this EPFO ​​helpline is to make shareholders self-reliant by adopting digital initiatives and eliminate their dependence on middlemen.

A separate team of experts has been formed in each regional office to ensure prompt resolution of complaints and to answer the questions asked on WhatsApp. With the introduction of this helpline, it has become very popular. So far, EPFO ​​has resolved more than 1,64,040 complaints and questions through WhatsApp. After the WhatsApp helpline number has been released, there has been a 30% reduction in complaints/queries on social media mediums like Facebook / Twitter. EPFIGMS portal has recorded a shortfall of 16 percent

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