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PF Claim Status – How to Check Your EPF Claim Status Online

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement fund scheme provided to a salaried class person.EPF Scheme Must be  Both employees and the employer must contribute to it on a monthly basis Salary. Generally, or Approximent PF Contribution of 12% to 10%of the basic salary(BS) by the employee and the same by the employer (organization, company or also Called Salary Provider). The employee can avail of the benefits of the investment upon retirement. PF also Called Saving Fund for use in When Employee Are Retirement so that Retirement life becomes secure. Employees can also choose to liquidate funds while in employment – this is subject to certain terms and conditions. The contribution made by the employer is equivalent to that of the employee i.e., 12% of the basic pay and DA, every month. In this article, We Can information Provided How To Check Your PF Claim Status, we will see how we can check the status of our PF Withdrawal claim.

Procedure to check PF withdrawal claim online

Epfo claiming funds check claiming Status online, a request has to be raised to The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). The EPFO Funds is Managed by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. Epfo requesting for PPF withdrawal, there is a possibility that you may not get to know the status of your requisition. To address this problem the EPFO has launched an online process to know the status of your requisition.   

In both cases, the Pension Contribution @ 8.33% is to be added to the Employer Share of PF. (Pension contribution is not to be diverted and total employer share goes to the PF). In case an employee, who is not existing EPF/EP member joins on or after 01-09-2014 with wages above Rs 15000/- In these cases the pension contribution the part will be added to employee share, EPF.

To know that When We Can Check the status of your claim the following information should be required to you.

  • UAN(Universal Account Number) Provided By Employee

Following Few Steps to check the status of your claim online

Step 1: Go to the EPFO portal:https://www.epfindia.gov.in

epfo website

Step 2: Click on Our services >> For Employees: Click Me Direct Link

Step 3: Enter your UAN and enter the captcha image

               Note: If You have not Any UAN Number Click Me to Find UAN No.

Step 4: After Entering UAN and enter the captcha image Then Select Your Member Id 

Step 5: After Select Your Epfo Member id Then You Can Views EPFO Claim Status

Employee Views His / Her Epfo Status Online. Generally, you can Views Two Type of Epfo Status 
  1. Settled
  2. Rejected
  • If your Status Display Setted Then Your PF is Widhrowal that means Your PF Balance Amount Tranffering your Bank Account As Soon As Posible.
  • if Your Status Display Rejected Then Your PF Claim Status issue Some Query and You can See Which Type of Query Occurring When your epfo claim rejected.

List of Type of Epfo Claim Status Displaying.
  • Claim-Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-GJAHD190650032433 Member id-GJAHD00548940000000110 has been rejected due to :- 1) FORM-19 HAS BEEN SETTLED FOR RS.84510/- VIDE CHEQUE NO.436049 IN 05/19 2) CLAIM ALREADY SETTLED
  • Claim Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)(Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate) Claim id-GJAHD190550043550 Member id-GJAHD00548940000000110 has been settled. Payment sent on- 07-JUN-19 via NEFT.
  • Claim-Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-GJAHD190350032493 Member id-GJAHD00548940000000110 Payment sent via NEFT has been returned on- 24-APR-19.

Note : If Any One Have Any Query Related EPFO Claim Then you Can Comment me for Trying to My Best Level Solution as Soon As 

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