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4 Reason essay to Withdraw pf money~Learn when and how to Withdraw pf

PF or EPF is often one of the biggest savings of life for people in government or private jobs. After retirement or leaving the job, the first concern of the employee is to "How to Withdraw pf online" his PF and invest it in a better way. We have given you the information in the previous article about the new rules for PF 2019. we are giving information about the new epf rules 2019-2020 for removing PF here.

4 Reason essay to Withdraw pf money~Learn when and how to Withdraw pf
4 Reason essay to Withdraw pf money~Learn when and how to Withdraw pf

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People often do not have the right information about when and how money is withdrawn from PF. Many times it happens that people need money in an emergency, they also have money in their PF account, but due to lack of information, they cannot withdraw their PF amount. Give information that there is an online facility for the withdrawal of Provident Fund deposits of Employee provident fund organization (EPFO). Online facility to withdraw pf online with uan(how to withdraw pf online with uan).

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The Following Four the Reason to Withdraw your pf money

  • Education / Marriage - That is when you or your sister or your child's marriage (Amount of epf) can be withdrawn at any time. You can withdraw the PF amount for your studies (higher Education)or even for children's studies. However, note that for this at least 7 years of work should be done. You have to provide proof of the reason. On the other hand in the case of education, you have to apply under Form 31 by your employer. 50% of the total deposit till the date of withdrawal of EPF

pf withdraw reason for Marriage
pf withdraw reason for Marriage

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  • Medical Treatment- you can withdraw PF for the treatment of yourself, wife, children or even parents. In this case, you can do PF withdrawal anytime, i.e it is not necessarily how long your service has been. However, proof of hospitalization has to be given for a month or more. Along with this, the applicant has to give a Leaving certificate for this time. Give information about any for medical treatment you can withdraw your epf fund.
    pf withdraw for medical
    epf balance withdraw for medical expenses

  • Land Purchase -When you use PF money to buy any land, your tenure should be completed for 5 years' jobs. At the same time, the plot should be registered in the name of you, your wife or both in this Condition. Plot or property should not be entangled in any dispute nor should any legal action be taken on it. To buy a plot, one can withdraw PF money up to a maximum of 24 times his salary. In this type of situation, you will be able to Do your it good to withdraw pf for a home loan?
    pf withdraw for Purchase Land or House

  • Pre-Retirement-For Pre-retirement, you must be 54 years old. In this situation, you can withdraw up to 90 percent of the total PF balance, but this withdrawal can be done only once. Also, make it aware that if you want to apply online then it is also a very easy process.
    pf withdraw for retirement
    Pf Withdraw for Retirement life

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The following process to Step by Step Withdraw to Your pf Balance

Step 1: In this way, the application has to be made online, visit the EPFO ​​website
Step 2: Login by entering your UAN number, password and captcha code. 
Step 3: Click on Manage. Check all the information on the UAN KYC option. 
Step 4: Click on Online Services. A drop menu will open.
Step 5: Click on Claim from this. 
Step 6: Click on Proceed For epfo online claim to submit your claim form.

Whenever you to process advance pf then some of Employee give me a question or Comment like "pf advance withdrawal processing time" Then my answer is pf advance withdrawal take 1-2 Weeks for the processing.